Kawasaki receives state environmental award

By DUSTIN HENGGELER Managing editor
Maryville Daily Forum

Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing Corp. in Maryville has been selected by the Missouri Waste Control Coalition as its Environmental Award winner for 2016.

The honor recognizes the plant for outstanding achievement in environmental excellence.

The award was presented to Kawasaki Environmental Supervisor Todd Turner at a conference held July 11 at the Lake of the Ozarks’ Tan-Tar-A Resort.

“We have goals that we set as a plant, and we push and push to meet or exceed them,” Turner said. ???After so long of that it just sort of becomes second nature for all of our employees.”

With a corporate mission statement of “Kawasaki, working as one for the good of the planet,” the Maryville location met those standards by meeting, and exceeding, its environmental goals during the previous two years.

“Our employees have really bought into this, and it’s because of them that we’re able to meet and exceed our goals,” said Kawasaki Vice President and Maryville Plant Manager Steve Bratt.

In 2014, the Maryville plant set the goal to reduce their industrial landfill tonnage footprint by 20 percent. The actual reduction was 40 percent , more than 120 tons that year.

One year later, Kawasaki exceeded its goal of increasing from 75 percent  to 78 percent the amount of waste to be recycled, reclaimed, or reused by keeping 80.9 percent of waste from going to the landfill. That equated to recycling 1,211 tons versus the 1,285 tons that went to the landfill in 2015.

“The employees should be recognized for the good job they do, and they do it all the time,” Turner added.

That same year, Kawasaki recycled 95 percent of its debris from its construction project, sending only 15 cubic yards to the landfill while recycling 271 cubic yards.

“We try to obviously sustain where we are,??? Bratt said. “You get to a point where it???s tougher to make those improvements. Once you’re above 80 percent, it???s hard to keep those numbers improving, especially on the waste disposal.

‘However, our goal is to always get better to help protect our environment,” he said.