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Nodaway County, located in the Midwest US and the fifth largest county in Missouri, hosts sixteen communities. Maryville, Missouri is the largest and a center-point for the County and the region.. Home to industry, retail, education, art, and quality healthcare, Nodaway County celebrates its people, history and environment as a great location to make a living and enjoy life.

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Small business provides the bedrock of the business base and Nodaway County’s industrial platform drives a vibrant economy. Home to international industry, national retail and dedicated regional and local business, Nodaway County strives to create a cooperative, collaborative, resource-rich business environment which encourages business growth and innovation.

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About Us

To aid business development, Nodaway County Economic Development (NCED), a not-for-profit corporation which is public/private partnership approaches economic development as a team; which means listening to business, identifying needs, matching resources and following through to encourage capital investment, job creation and innovative business development.

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